Gesha is one of the most complex, intensely flavoured and sought-after profiles of all the coffee varietals. This world-famous coffee variety was discovered on a farm in Panama in the early 2000s, however it was later found to be native to the Gesha Forest in Ethiopia.


Today it’s grown widely in Panama and Costa Rica, as well as on a smaller scale in Malawi – which is where we source our beans from. A few years ago, a passing trader happened to notice the Gesha beans on some farms there, but he was told that they were just about to be ripped up and replaced with more profitable tobacco crops. He convinced these farmers that there could be a market for their coffee, and luckily, he did because this is now the third harvest of theirs that Two Terriers is selling.


We buy the green beans directly from the growers – there are no middlemen. This allows us to sell the coffee at a more competitive rate than other distributors of the Gesha variety, and it benefits the farmers and villagers financially too. So everybody wins.


Its unique profile is best brought out when grown above 1,500 meters, and the trees require a great deal of very particular care and maintenance. It has crisp, exotic acidity and floral character, earning the love of coffee fans the globe over. Due to its complexity and unique flavour, Gesha is considered one of the best coffees in the world – and we’re proud to be one of the few distributors selling it in South Africa.

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